To fly a Microlight aircraft in the UK, you need a National Private Pilot’s License (Microlight) known as the NPPL(M). Flying training follows the BMAA's NPPL (M) Syllabus, which is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. 
The minimum number of flying hours to qualify is 25. This is much less than for conventional aircraft, so a microlight license can be obtained for about half the cost and in about 2/3 of the time. The training progresses through general handling, take-offs and landings, simulated emergencies and finally navigation training. Ultimately, you have to fly two solo “Qualifying Cross Country” flights to other airfields, to prove your ability to fly and navigate, then pass a “General Skills Test “ which is a bit like a driving test. 


A. Training in a fixed wing school aircraft: 
Fixed Wing Ikarus C42 £120.00 per flying hour. 
Buy 10 hours in advance – get 10% DISCOUNT! 
i.e. 10 hours GTR £105.00 x 10 = £1,050.00 Less 10% discount = £945.00 
10 hours C42 £120.00 x 10 = £1,200.00 Less 10% discount = £1,080.00 
That's the practical part done, but you must also pass five ground exams to prove you have a sufficient understanding of the theory subjects. Don't worry, the exams are relatively simple, with “multiple choice” answers. You tick the right box out of three options. 
We offer Groundschool Classroom lessons to help you to integrate the theory and practical together. Learning to fly should be exciting, rewarding and enriching. We aim to make your training fun within a safe environment. Flying lessons are best taken in blocks of up to a week, flying two hours a day. If you can't find the time to do this then you can train on an “hourly” basis. (Most students do this). 
B. Training in your own Microlight: 
£80.00 per hour dual, £40 per hour solo supervision, whilst training for NPPL(M) 
C. Groundschool: 
1:1 £30.00 per hour Ground exams £35.00 each. 
General Skills Test (Flight test) £120.00 plus aircraft time. 
Ground oral (Aeroplanes General Part 2) £40.00 
N.B. We don't currently offer Flexwing Microlight Training 

New Students 

New students should study the Guidance Notes HERE to become aware of the structure, organisation and working practices at the school 

Terms and Conditions 

1. Weather Conditions and cancellations by us. 
Flying Microlights is subject to safe and suitable weather condition. Please call your instructor to check your flight is going ahead, prior to setting off to the airfield. Be aware that weather forecasts are not always correct and weather conditions can change rapidly. This may cause your flight to be cancelled for reasons of safety. If your flight is cancelled, you will always be able to re-book it. No refunds will be given for flights cancelled due to weather. 
2. Cancellations by you. 
You must give 48 hours notice of cancellation of flying lessons, air experience flights (Including voucher flights) and groundschool lessons. Where 48 hours notice is not given, Airsports reserves the right to charge the full amount and no refunds will be given. We will always attempt to fill your vacant slot with another flight and where this can be achieved, there will be no charge.. 
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